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100% Pure Natural Essential Oils


Mr Singata Mafanya (Chairperson)

Mr Singata Mafanya is a well-known community leader and activist who played a prominent role in the regional ANC structures during the 1990s.He previously worked as a lecturer and later as a Dean of Students at the University of Fort Hare. He also held the positions of Head and Accounting Officer for the Provincial Department of Safety and Security, Eastern Cape.


Mr Ian Weir (Chief Executive Officer)

Mr Ian Weir specialises in local economic development, permaculture design and organic farming methods. He previously worked as a Commissioner in the Eastern Cape provincial Public Service Commission where he was tasked, with fellow Commissioners, to set up the current Eastern Cape administration. During this work he was exposed to the development challenges and priorities of the province and the area of intervention of this essential oils initiative.


Dr Crispian Olver (Finance Director)

Dr Crispian Olver is an environmental expert and development consultant with experience in establishing and financing companies, and working with communities on development projects. He previously worked as Director General for the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, and built up valuable experience regarding environmental regulations and biodiversity management.


Professor Mike Magwa (Non-executive Director)

Professor Mike Magwa heads the Fort Hare Botany Department. He has extensive experience in community projects using medicinal plants and indigenous knowledge, particularly in relation to Pelargonium sidoides. He is also very knowledgeable on traditional medical remedies using indigenous trees, plants and shrubs. 


Dr Pumezo Lupuwana (Non-executive Director)

Mr Pumezo Lupuwana is actively involved in community agricultural projects across the region, and has recently completed his Masters thesis at Fort Hare on the subject. He is a senior manager in the Department of Public Works. He specialises in facilitating community participation in enterprises.